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Dan Catchpole

2012 OSX App Recommendations

I've been working on a list of recommended apps for one of my usual haunts and figured it might be useful to put it up here in a more permanent spot.  Feel free to check out any of the listed apps, I really like'em.

OSX App List

TextExpander - awesome app that lets you create text 'snippets' that expand out to full bits of text. So like, 'f name' could turn into your full name, or 'w add' to fill our your work address. It can even do some crazy stuff with python scripts and AppleScript, which I've played around with a little bit. So like, if I want to link something in the forums, I copy the url to clipboard, then type 'l link' and it automatically throws in the proper BBCode, then places the cursor in between the BBCode so I can type our the link text. I've got another one that will grab all the URLs in any open tabs in Chrome and throw them into a text file as references when typing things in Markdown TextExpander - website

Dragon Drop - neat app that acts as a 'holding area' thing when moving files from one desktop to another

CoBook - free address book app, you can plug in your social stuff (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and it syncs up with the Mac Contacts app to pull down extra info for people in your Contacts list.

Found- a fast cloud/local file search app. Connects to Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, etc and makes it easy to find stuff in those buckets

Jettison - handy little utility safely auto-ejects USB drives when you close up your laptop

Bartender - tidies up the menu bar with per-app preferences for which ones are visible and which are hidden within the Bartender icon

PasteBot - used in conjunction with the iOS Pastebot app, Pastebot Sync lets you move clipboarded stuff back and forth between iPhone/iPad and Mac

Moom - window management app, very handy for organizing and sorting windows

nvAlt - a fork of Notational Velocity, a neat little text editor. Combined with Dropbox and Markdown, I can create and update text files anywhere that are extremely portable and open on any operating system, can have fairly complex markups and reference links and stuff like that, but are still human-readable without a bunch of HTML artifacts crufting up the content.

Caffeine - keeps your Mac awake. Not much more to it.

Marked - useful if you use Markdown (I've been trying to get into that habit) it generates a really great preview of a document written in Markdown, and can then style it with CSS or flip it to HTML, rich text, etc

Byword - a Markdown-friendly text editor that's a little less nerdy than nvAlt. Has the same support for Markdown, including previews, exporting, etc.

1Password - I've talked enough about 1Password, you guys already know about it. Use promo code 'MacPowerUsers' to save 20%

Fantastical - I haven't used it myself, but I've heard it's a great calendar app if you don't like the stock one.

Sparrow - while no longer in development, it's still a nice lightweight email client for Mac

Adium - free multi-protocol chat client. Works great.

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