Dan Catchpole

Dan Catchpole

2012 iOS Recommendations

Another list of apps, this time all iOS.  Hope you find a few that will help you out, and thanks for visiting.

Media Playback

Air Video- Install an app on your PC/Mac and it will transcode and stream stuff stored there to your iPhone/iPad

Boxee for iPad- similar to Air Video, but with a more styled UI

Note Taking

Penultimate - Penultimate is great for hand drawn notes (with your finger or a stylus)

Byword- 'Distraction Free' text editor, syncs with dropbox, supports markdown syntax

Nebulous Notes - another plain text editor, again with markdown support and dropbox sync

Evernote- my 'outboard brain' that captures all the stuff I want to look for someday in the future. Thanks to it's OCR and categorization features, all you have to do is search and you'll find what you're looking for.


How to set up Google Sync on iPad

Social Networking

Tweetbot for iPad - one of the best twitter clients. UI is heavy-handed, but most people dig it.

Facebook - official app, suprisingly good.

Friendly for Facebook - 3rd party FB app, haven't used it in a while but it was pretty good before they had an official iPad client. FB's official might be better once it goes native to iOS.


Flipboard - your custom digital magazine. add streams for assorted services (RSS, twitter, facebook, etc) or their curated sections (Tech, News, Fashion, Design, etc) and get great articles and other content in a pretty layout.

Kindle - Kindle, but four your iPhone/iPad.

GoodReader for iPad- awesome PDF reader. Connects to a ton of places (Dropbox, Google Docs, FTP, WebDAV, etc) to view and mark up documents

Instapaper - grabs web articles, strips out everything but the relevant text and images, and lays them out in a clean way. Fewer features than competitors like Pocket or Readability, but more focused.

Mr. Reader - RSS reader.

Reeder for iPad - RSS reader

Pulse News for iPad - another RSS reader thing, similar to Flipboard

Pocket - content shifter, like Instapaper, but for more rich content like images and video.

Task/To-Do/Project Management

Todo for iPad

OmniFocus for iPad

Things for iPad

Paperless: Lists + Checklists



The Incident

Jetpack Joyride

Fieldrunners 2 - actually an iPhone app, but it scales well enough for iPad

The Last Rocket

Astronut for iPad

Tiny Wings HD

Walking Dead: The Game

Utility/General Purpose


Dark Sky

Google Chrome

Notifo - you can use it in combination with a Chrome extension to push stuff from desktop to iPad, very handy.


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